Choose a category, choose an act (or mix and match), and commit one hour to the act (when appropriate) 


  • Weed vegetable/flower rows

  • Harvest and process vegetables

  • Help feed animals

  • Collect and wash eggs

  • Help with irrigation

  • Help with fence repair/building

  • Seed starter packs

  • Help a neighbor with their garden


  • Ask 3 old couples' advice on a healthy, enduring marriage

  • Sing some songs at a nursing home (try to get a singalong going)

  • Drive an elderly neighbor to get errands done

  • Read to the bedridden at a nursing facility

  • Bring an elderly neighbor a log of frozen homemade cookie dough

  • Shovel their walkway 


  • Tell jokes to patients

  • Dress up as your own invented superhero and talk to bedridden kids

  • Read short stories or poems to kids

  • Hold a bake sale and donate proceeds to a patient chosen at random 


  • Pick up trash at a park, beach, other public spaces

  • Help a neighbor with their garden

  • Pick up groceries for a burdened neighbor

  • Donate your services to someone in need (carpenter, dentist, hairdresser, etc.)

  • Cook an extra meal and bring it over

  • Bring a neighbor a log of frozen homemade cookie dough


  • Sit down with a homeless person, get their story, and leave them with a backpack/bag full of useful items and/or food

  • Bring leftovers or a hot meal to the homeless

  • Give a homeless person a blanket, jacket, and/or raincoat


  • Sit through an AA or NA meeting and record your reaction afterwards

  • Find a public, busy place and dance your hardest for a full two minutes 

  • Give three strangers non-appearance related compliments (you light up the room, you have the best laugh, you inspire me, etc.) 

  • Leave an inspiring quote or poem in 5 different mailboxes

  • Tell a cashier 3 or your worst/ best jokes


  • Sit with 3 police officers and talk about what it is for them to serve the public

  • Volunteer at a juvenile hall

  • Volunteer at a Department of Corrections

  • Make something to give to a local fire department