How do I submit my "proof of kindness"?

To submit your proof of kindness, you have to do two things: post it to your social media of choice while tagging #artsofkindness, and email it to me here. Viola!

Do I have to provide you with my entire "proof of kindness"?

Good God no! Please don't innundate me with two full hours of you weeding your neighbor's garden. Use your judgement depending on the act of kindness. For example, if you're helping a farmer out, just send me some pictures. If you're talking with the elderly, edit the video to the parts that tugged on your heart strings. And so on. While I do need proof that you did this act of kindness, it is largely an honor system. So don't be a dick and fake it, ok? Ok.

Are you going to post EVERY act of kindess on the Internet?

Probably not! As this is an experiment, it's hard to know where it will go. If the "proof of kindness" is outlandishly boring, we likely won't. Not all kindnesses are exciting, BUT all kindnesses are rewarding. You should be prepared to show to the Internet what you show to us. If you are bashful about putting your face on YouTube but REALLY want to do an act of kindness for art, then maybe wear a mask? Or don't film or photograph your face?

If I get my artwork in the mail and it's damaged or entirely the wrong one, what do I do?

Just get in touch and give us the details. We are humans doing this, not computers. We are liable to make mistakes, just like you. Just be patient and we'll make it up to you!

I'm an artist and would love to contribute my works to your cause. What do I do?

Good on you! Send me an email here and we'll take it from there.

After I register, can I perform more than one act of kindness?

Of course! You don't need permission to be a decent human being! But if you're doing two separate acts for two separate works of art, just make sure you spell that out on the registration form, otherwise I can't say I'd know.

I really love one artwork in particular but I don't like ANY of the acts of kindnesses in the "Act List." Can I do a different act of kindness for it?

Sure! Although this is partly about stepping outside of your comfort zone and finding compassion for others you weren't sure you had, it seems weird to box kindness in. However you choose to go about it, we bet you'll feel pretty good afterwards.