If you choose the act of kindness route, know this: you're a good egg and humanity needs more like you.


1. Go to the "Act List" page and choose an act of kindness.  Feel free to create one of your own.

2.Fill out the registration form on the "Registration" page (we know the world is socially upside-down and we'd rather not get sued for getting people to act nicely towards one another).

3. Record yourself doing the act of kindness, which we'll call the "Proof of Kindness." 

4. Post the "Proof of Kindness" on whatever social media outlet you prefer and tag #artsofkindness, then email the "Proof of Kindness" here so that I may upload it to the blog here and/or the YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  

5. Wait for your artwork in the mail - and feel that extra bounce in your step for brightening another being's day!  

If you choose to buy it, just go to the "Shop" page and use old-fashioned funny money!  You don't need instructions on how to buy things from the Internet!  And thank you: it makes it possible for us to reward acts of kindnesses and cover things like printing costs, shipping costs, artists' fees and so on.